What We Do

If a client is spending more than $225.00 per car avrage for basic preowned reconditioning services, we can find them labor savings.

Most of our clients cut their labor reconditioning costs by more than 50% and their vehicle preparation cycle time by more than 25%. 

A short video about our systems....

Option 1 - Software Services

Using propriotary "Laborgate" workflow software, we build a custom dispatching and management system, optimized to your environment.

Open Source Labor is a labor and software sourcing company for the Automotive Dealer Industry

What it Costs

A per car fee is charged based on volume, workforce size and selected software features. Some clients charge an access fee to their labor, making dealer fees zero. Some clients pay the per car fee themselves.

In any case, per car fees are normally 25% of the average per car savings, or less.

Whichever solution suits your operations best, our systems ensure you achieve the lowest cost, highest speed labor solution possible. Give us a call or an email to schedule a demo.

Option 2 - Labor Services

For a single price per car, based on the labor services selected, we manage and pay the labor, as well as providing the software to the dealership for free. Standard services include minor bumper paint and repair, paint touch up, paintless dent repairs, glass chip and alloy wheel repair, but as many services as the client needs can be easily added and managed.